About Weepingtower

Where did the name  'Schreierstoren/Weepingtower' come from?

The Schreierstoren next to the Geldersekade in Amsterdam is a defense tower which was formerly part of the Walls of Amsterdam. The tower was built around 1487 on the corner of the IJ and the east side of town and is the only preserved defense tower of Amsterdam. The tower was formerly the Schrayershoucktoren because "the city wall here made an acute angle (of SCHRAY =" sharp "). The current name that is being used is because it is standing in a place where, in the time of the Dutch East India Company, women farewell their men before traveling. This story is probably apocryphal. ​The citywall was standing along the harbourfront, near the Prins Hendrikkade where the Central Station is right now. At the Schreierstoren the wall made an acute angle to the southeast, next to the citycanal towards the Sint Anthoniesgate and what is now called the Nieuwmarkt In the quay wall along the Geldersekade are large sandstone blocks; These are remnants of the old city wall. After the tower had lost its defensive function, it served as a port office for some time. In 1960 the harbour master moved to the new port building on The Ruyterkade. In 1966 the tower was restored. The battlements on the old prints are not re-applied, because investigations did not find evidence for its existence in the building itself. Since the restoration, the building is partly a café with different rooms. A plaque was made in September 1927 in the North-Eastern wall in memory of Henry Hudson. He left on April 4th 1609 from here to the New World to commissioned by the Dutch East India Company to find a Western passage to the Indies. The plaque was an initiative of The Greenwich Village Historical Society from New York.
Memorial stone of the crying woman and ship with the old translation '' Schrayer Houck '' also named   as the ''Sharp Angle''.
Memorial stone in honor of Henry Hudson in 1609 who left from the Schreierstoren with his ship ' De Halve Maen ' to discover New Amsterdam (New York).
Memorial stone in honor of the 1st shipping to the East Indies. In 1595 under the leadership of the Compagnie van Verre, who send out 4 ships to wealth. In 1597 they returned penniless and without ship back again.
Below a couple of video's on youtube about the Weepingtower;